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12 months software for Becon scanner

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12 months software for Becon scanner

Experience the luxurious results of Becon Professional Scalp Device Pro, a breakthrough in beauty and technology. This device offers personalized hair care solutions and AI-powered hair loss diagnosis, delivering the confidence to look and feel your best. Crafted from the finest of technology, this device offers the perfect fusion of beauty and intelligence.

  • | B2B Customer Management |  
    You can easily monitor the customer's scalp analysis outcomes and record of virtual hair transplant effects, offering more sophisticated data in comparison to individuals who possess similar attributes.

    ICT Diagnostic Device
    The Becon Pro boasts ICT-Diagnostic capabilities, allowing users to precisely examine their scalp with magnified images, UV-A LED, temperature, humidity and TVOC readings. On top of these cutting-edge features, the device is also equipped with UV-C sterilization technology.

    AI Custom Solution through Deep Learning
    Analyze 10 scalp features in just five seconds via automated analytics and AI custom solutions based on deep learning, all with the help of a convenient mobile app - perfect for discovering the most suitable hair care products.

    CES 2023 Innovation Award Nominee
    Recognized by the CES 2023 Innovation Awards, this product has been nominated for its excellence.

  • Contact us for more information 
    We can provide remote consultation to explain the device and its features in detail.

  • |Access to the Software System|
    Following the purchase of the device, we provide step-by-step instructions for setting up the software system. By creating an email account, you gain access to our professional analysis.

Input Power
5V / 100mA

Size (W x D x H)
67.5 * 104.3 * 30.9 mm




Lithium Polymer Battery 2,500mAh

    12 months software for Becon scanner
    12 months software for Becon scanner
    12 months software for Becon scanner
    12 months software for Becon scanner
    12 months software for Becon scanner
    12 months software for Becon scanner
    12 months software for Becon scanner
    12 months software for Becon scanner
    12 months software for Becon scanner
    12 months software for Becon scanner
    12 months software for Becon scanner
    12 months software for Becon scanner
    12 months software for Becon scanner

    Revolutionary Scanner Used by Top Key Partners in Professional Settings

    Our innovative scanner has been embraced by leading partners for various purposes, including hospital and hair spa & salon applications


    How will I access to the software?

    To access our software system, simply download our App.

    You can find it on Google Play Store or iOS Store by searching for "Becon Pro."

    To gain access to the App, you will need to obtain a B2B account from us. Once you purchase the device, we will send you guidelines for setting up the software and provide you with login credentials.

    Can this device be used for multiple clients?

    The device is primarily designed for hair care salons/spa and hospitals. It has the added ability to store data for multiple clients.

    Am I able to purchase the device only without the software subscription?

    To measure scalp analysis, purchasing software is mandatory. To ensure your needs, we do provide a trial period of 6 months.

    Understanding the Basis of Hair Loss Progress Scores and Scalp Analysis

    Our current data set comprises 400,000 users, with the majority of Asian descent, but including consumers of all races.

    Customizing the User Interface/User Experience

    If you would like to customize the UI/UX, we can certainly do that for you. However, please note that any changes will require us to create an individual UI page specifically for you, which may incur a development fee.

    Do user able to stored the result?

    Yes, through the QR code scanning client’s is able to stored the data.

    Moreover, there is two ways to save QR information.

    (1) We send to SNS(what's app) instead of generating QR. But this also lasts 6 months

    (2) Instead of sharing info, the users can download all their information on their B2C APP that we provide.

    This feature is limited to some hospitals we work closely with.

    Inquire about the pricing for the software after the complimentary six-month period ends

    We have two packages available for extending the software, which are the six-month and twelve-month options. For more information on prices, please visit the following links

    6 months option

    12 months option

    Customized Product Recommendations

    We understand that businesses may have their own treatments and products. Yes, we offer the option to replace our product recommendations with your own treatment and product suggestions. For more information please contact

    Warranty and Return policy

    In the event that your device malfunctions, we offer a one-year warranty. If you experience any issues with your device, contact us and we'll address the situation as quickly as possible. Please note that the warranty is limited to software issues. Additionally, if you're not satisfied with your purchase, we offer a refund within 14 days of receiving the product. Please ensure that the product is unused (Sealed) and still in its original packaging to be eligible for a refund.

    Could I arrange virtual call to make sure the device is meeting my needs?

    Yes, before the purchase, you are able to request the demo call. If you have any questions or want to check the detail of the device, you could simply email us, and our tech team will connect with you through the virtual call and demonstrate our scalp scanner device.

    Featured in BBC UK
    CES 2023 Innovation Award Nominee
    Samsung Invested Beauty brand

    Key Feature

    • ICT Diagnostic Device

    • Big data Statistic

    • AI Custom Solution

    • B2B Customer Management

    Scalp Analysis

    AI analysis in just 5 seconds, comprehensively examining 10 distinct scalp features

    • Temperature
    • Moisture
    • Hair smell
    • Dandruff
    • Sensitivity
    • Sebum/Oil
    • Hair density
    • Follicle density
    • Hairs per follicle
    • Hair thickness

    Hair loss Analysis

    Examine the variations in hair density, follicle density, hairs per follicle, and hair thickness between a healthy scalp part and a troubled scalp part

    Big Data Statistics

    Data-driven evaluation of user comparisons and improvements

    Scalp Type Analysis

    Establish the type of client's scalp and pinpoint the foremost issues that necessitate care

    AI Custom solutions

    Analyze ingredients to suggest products that are a perfect fit and avoid any substances that may not be suitable