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Comprehensive consumer management

Providing comprehensive consumer management by offering professional hair advice supported by real data.

Provide AI Scalp Analysis and Enable recommendation of your own product line

An automated hair analysis can precisely identify 10 scalp conditions, providing detailed quantitative results. Additionally, in the final section, you can customize and promote your own line of hair care products.

AI Scalp Analysis

Quantitative result

Hair Follicle density, hair per follicle, hair thickness, hair volume, sensitivity, dandruff, sebum, moisture, scalp temperature, and hair odor are all factors that are measured. The quantitative analysis of 10 scalp conditions is conducted entirely automatically.

Support branding for each salon's products

Great way to sell your own product line

We assist in branding for every company, enhancing the salon's brand image for your customers. Moreover, we offer product recommendations that can be tailored to your salon's own products. If you would like to learn more on this option, please contact us for more detail.

Easy to share with your consumers

Simple registration process for customers and analysis history recording. The results can be shared with customers via Whats app.