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Software Product Customization

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Product customization

Becon product customization 

You have the option to substitute product recommendations with your own products. If you have your own product line, we can display your products in the recommendations. By conducting a professional analysis through our device, you can suggest the appropriate products to your customers, adding scientific validation and credibility to their experience.

Once the product is purchased, our global support team will provide you with the form to complete for entering your product information.

The product customization process involves configuring the product design page and customizing the matching algorithm, which typically takes about 7-10 business days.

For any inquiries, please feel free to contact us. 


Input Power
5V / 100mA

Size (W x D x H)
67.5 * 104.3 * 30.9 mm




Lithium Polymer Battery 2,500mAh

    Software Product Customization
    Software Product Customization

    Revolutionary Scanner Used by Top Key Partners in Professional Settings

    Our innovative scanner has been embraced by leading partners for various purposes, including Hair spa & salon, Skin Clinic & Dermatology and Hair transplant Hospital applications



    Notably, the Premium version offers access to the professional scalp & Skin analysis and a Branch management system, which is particularly useful if you operate multiple stores.

    Please kindly check the UI/UX for the Professional Hair Loss solution

    Skin Analysis

    How will I access to the software?

    To access our software system, simply download our App.

    You can find it on Google Play Store or iOS Store by searching for "Becon Pro."

    To gain access to the App, you will need to obtain a B2B account from us. Once you purchase the device, we will send you guidelines for setting up the software and provide you with login credentials.

    How do you measure temp/moisture/odor?

    The scanner is equipped with a non-contact sensor and can measure temperature, moisture, and odor. In the case of odor, it measures VoC (volatile organic compounds) value and replaces the ppb value with an odor index.

    How does the auto sterilization cradle work?

    When the scanner is placed in the dedicated cradle after use, a blue light comes on and the camera area is automatically sterilized and disinfected for 5 minutes.

    Can this device be used for multiple clients?

    The device is primarily designed for hair care salons/spa and hospitals. It has the added ability to store data for multiple clients.

    Am I able to purchase the device only without the software subscription?

    To measure scalp analysis, purchasing software is mandatory.

    Understanding the Basis of Hair Loss Progress Scores and Scalp Analysis

    Our current data set comprises 400,000 users, with the majority of Asian descent, but including consumers of all races.

    Customizing the User Interface/User Experience

    If you would like to customize the UI/UX, we can certainly do that for you. Explore our customized option package for further details. Upon purchasing the package, we will send you an email to gather your product information and logo files.

    Could I customized the logo on the device?

    To customize the logo, a minimum purchase of 10 devices is required. Before ordering the hardware for whitelabel customization, please get in touch with us at

    When sharing the analysis results, I aim to present them to my end consumers along with my logo. How can I do this?

    In order to add your logo to your software account, you must buy the Brand customization package. After purchasing this package, our team will request the logo file and color code for customizing the UI/UX.

    Do user able to stored the result?

    Yes, through the QR code scanning client’s is able to stored the data.

    Moreover, there is two ways to save QR information.

    (1) We send to SNS(what's app) instead of generating QR. But this also lasts 6 months

    (2) Instead of sharing info, the users can download all their information on their B2C APP that we provide.

    This feature is limited to some hospitals we work closely with.

    Inquire about the pricing for the software after 12-month period ends

    With our B2B app, you will be able to process payments for software purchase.

    Customized Product Recommendations

    We understand that businesses may have their own treatments and products. Yes, we offer the option to replace our product recommendations with your own treatment and product suggestions. Please purchase the package corresponding to the product number you wish to implement. Purchasing Product customization The implementation process typically takes 7-10 business days. Additionally, we provide up to 2 complimentary changes if any adjustments are needed for your product line in the future.

    Warranty and Return policy

    In the event that your device malfunctions, we offer a one-year warranty. If you experience any issues with your device, contact us and we'll address the situation as quickly as possible. Please note that the warranty is limited to software issues. Additionally, if you're not satisfied with your purchase, we offer a refund within 14 days of receiving the product. Please ensure that the product is unused (Sealed) and still in its original packaging to be eligible for a refund.

    Could I arrange virtual call to make sure the device is meeting my needs?

    Yes, before the purchase, you are able to request the demo call.

    We also have a WhatsApp channel where you can ask any questions about the device.

    If you would like to arrange Zoom call, you could simply email us, and our tech team will connect with you through the virtual call and demonstrate our scalp scanner device.

    Could I access the information through PC besides the Tablet PC or Mobile phone?

    To utilize the scanner, it's necessary to connect via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi using a Tablet PC or Mobile Phone.

    If you don't have a tablet, you can download the "Becon Pro" app on your mobile device to operate the solution.

    To access information on your PC, use the provided link. Please be aware that scanners are not compatible with PCs. However, all other functions can be accessed through the web link.

    Login at with the same credentials used for the app.

    We have multiple branches across the nation. How can we utilize the software?

    The premium software package includes branch management features. Currently, leading salons or hospitals with multiple branches utilize this software to supervise their operations effectively. With one software accessible on multiple devices, you can efficiently oversee various local branches without any restrictions on the number of branches managed.

    For hospitals that specialize in hair transplants and dermatology

    The hair transplant hospital is particularly useful for both pre-surgery and post-surgery phases. Before the surgery, it helps track hair loss progression, while after the surgery, it allows monitoring hair growth progress by precisely measuring hair thickness, volume, follicle count, and density.

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    For Skin Clinic & Dermatology hospital

    Delve into offering expert guidance on skin concerns like freckles, acne, wrinkles, skin tone, moisture, pore size, and more, along with essential skincare products of yours. Check out the online store to explore these products further and learn how to make a purchase.

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    For Hair Salons

    Explore ways to offer professional guidance on hair care, including shampoo, treatment solutions, and other essential home care products. Learn how to deliver expertise to your clients.

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